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Dypsis lanceolataDypsis lanceolata

Burretiokentia hapalaBurretiokentia hapala

Cyphophoenix nuceleCyphophoenix nucele

Dypsis boivinianaDypsis boiviniana

Neonicholsonia watsonii
Neonicholsonia watsonii

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2009 Digital Newsletter

  • January 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Growing Encephalartos ferox in Palm Beach County by Charlie Beck
    • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE: Betty Ahlborn
  • February 2009
    • ARTICLE: Searching for Zamia prasina by Brenda Beck
  • March 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Neoveitchia storkii by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: March of the Mighty Mite by Brenda Beck
    • ARTICLE: Cold Care of (Hopefully) Living Palms by Brenda Beck
  • April 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Corypha umbraculifera by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Cultivated Palms in Hawaii by Brenda Beck
    • ARTICLE: Second Fatal Palm Disease Impacts Florida by Brenda Beck
  • May 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Calyptrocalyx by Charlie Beck
    • CHART: Nutrient Deficiencies Affecting Palms in Floirda
    • ARTICLE: Exploits in Mexico
    • PHOTOS: Calyptrocalyx hollrungii, Calyptrocalyx leptostachys, Calyptrocalyx ovobontsira, Calyptrocalyx elegans, Calyptrocalyx forbesii, Calyptrocalyx doxanthus, Calyptrocalyx caudatus, Calyptrocalyx spicatus.
  • June 2009
    • FRONT COVER: Elaeis guineensis (African Oil Palm)
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Licuala ramsayi by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: If As Fertilization Recommendations by Charlie Beck
    • CHART: Typical Recommended Fertilizer Label for Landscape Palm Fertilization
    • CHART: Recommeded Landscape Palm Fertilization on Sandy Soils
    • ARTICLE: The Wonders of Leu Gardens by Brenda Beck
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: American Begonia Society Gives Top Awards to Three Palm Society Members
    • ARTICLE: A Snowbird Phoenix Roebellenii? by Brenda Beck
  • July 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Sabal mauritiformis by Dale Holton
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Sabal mauritiformis by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Some General Facts About Sabal by Brenda Beck
    • ARTICLE: Palm Nutrition by Brenda Beck
  • August 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Dictyosperma album by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Cycads in the Home Garden by Dale Holton
    • ARTICLE: Dr. Monica Elliot Discusses Palm Diseases by Brenda Beck
    • PHOTOS: Well-adapted Zamias for Palm Beach County Photographs by Dale Holton
      Zamia vazquezii, Zamia floridana, Zamia pumila, Zamia furfuracea
    • PHOTO: Rusty the chicken admiring the rooster tail inflorescence of Dictyosperma album
  • September 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Hyophorbe indica by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: The Transformation of Elise Moloney’s Garden, 1999-2009 by Elise Moloney
    • ARTICLE: Scott Zona’s Top 20 Palms for South Florida by Brenda Beck
    • PHOTO: A Two-Headed Sabal Palmetto
    • PHOTOS: Elise Moloney’s Garden—Before and After by Elise Moloney
  • October 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: A Little Something about Licualas by Paul Craft
    • PHOTOS: 2009 Annual Picnic & Auction Memories
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Palms of Madagascar
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Logo Contest Winner Susan Cioci
    • ARTICLE: Fossil of Entire Cycad from Late Triassic of China Discovered by Brenda Beck
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Do you have a A Kentiopsis, Syagrus sancona, or Normanbia normanbii growing in your garden?
    • PHOTOS: Licuala distans, Licuala naumanii, Licuala glabra, Licuala lauterbachii
  • November 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Encephalartos gratus by Dale Holton
    • ARTICLE: Recently Available "Bamboo-Like" Dypsis by Charlie Beck
    • PHOTOS: Images of 2009 Fall Plant Sale provided by Brenda Beck and Elise Moloney
    • ARTICLE: A Community uses Microchips to Thwart Plant Thefts by Brenda Beck
    • PHOTOS: Dypsis psammophila, Dypsis scottiana var. affinis, Encephalartos gratus female cone
  • December 2009
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Kentiopsis oliviformis by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: South Florida Garden Tour Memories by Charlie Beck
    • PHOTOS: South Florida Garden Tour Memories by Charlie Beck
      Action Theory Nursery, Research and Education Center, Redland Nursery,
    • ARTICLE: Tropical Conifers: Jurassic Plants in Nature and in the Garden by Brenda Beck
    • PHOTOS: Cupressus cashmeriana, Gymnostoma australianum, Nageia formogensis, Glyptostrobus pensilis, Kentiopsis oliviformis inflorescence

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